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1. Identity and owner of the website.- This website belongs to the artist Kuti Martínez whose official name is Silvia Martinez. Her studio is located at 143 Chem. dÁrmenonville 06220 Vallauris, France.

Her contact email is silvia@kutimartinez.com. Kuti Martínez is the author and owner of kutimartinez.com

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3. Rules of use.- The main theme of this page is the dissemination of the works of the artist Kuti Martínez.

This website belongs to the artist Kuti Martínez whose official name is Silvia Martinez and complies with data protection regulations.

Users do not need to provide any type of data to navigate this page.

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Silvia Martínez (Kuti Martínez)

143 Chem. dÁrmenonville

06220 Vallauris

Email: silvia@kutimartinez.com