Photographer / Visual artist

About me

I am a fine art photographer and visual artist. My work is for me a kind of meditation.

I take pictures of things that awaken my emotions and these pictures became the starting point of my creative process which I am not always aware of. It is a magical force that grows inside me and I never know which direction it will take and it is the result  of an intimate relationship where I discover something else.

I love to create images that speak to people and invite them to find their own intimate way as well. Choosing the medium to print them out and experimenting with different materials and alternative techniques is also part of the process which gives me the satisfaction to give these images a new life, getting different contrast, textures, etc.

I consider my work to be open in continuous process, experimenting different techniques and materials as means of expression as photography, moving images, artist books, transparencies boxes, etc

I like to work in the presentation of my art and I enjoy working in both large and small formats.

Actually my passion is about alternative processes.

Today I live and work in the south of France.

About my work


I lived in Havana for 10 years and my work was deeply influenced by the humbleness of the people, their daily life and the light of the city. I print some of my works on steel. This material plays with the light, depending on the amount, direction and angles. I also like to print on canvas, its texture provides a painting-like look to the photograph.


In 2008 I arrived in Miami where I was inspired by the colors and light, always on simple elements. This is when I noticed Miami Beach huts. I present this work mixing individual beach huts images, printed on paper and using other two media, wood (bamboo) and resin, to make some joyful and simple beach huts compositions.

For two years I have been working on a documentary project in Miami where I explored the world of spirituality through different religions with their expressions of devotion, passion and surrender. I print this black and white artwork on fine art cotton paper.

Nature always inspires me to work in new projects, simplicity, silence. I print in different Japanese papers and sometimes I combine it with an encaustic medium (mixture of beeswax and damar resin). Sometimes I use iron and wood. I also experiment working with motion images .

I experiment also working with motion images and I create a beautiful collection of

These days my passion is about alternative process,

Today I life and work in the south of France.

My artwork has received the attention of private art collectors and art funds funds and has been published in magazines and were objects of radio and TV reports. I have exhibited my work in Madrid, La Habana, México, New York and Miami.